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Why do I need gutters?


Gutters are a very important, yet often overlooked, feature of most buildings. A gutter system does more than just channel water away from your house. It protects your home from mold, mildew and costly water infiltration. During the freeze/thaw cycle we experience here in Nebraska, any water next to your foundation is creating pressure and can cause cracking, shifting and settling. Just because you do not see water inside your home, does not mean it isn't doing damage to the foundation. A good gutter system is like an insurance policy. We can't always predict when it's going to rain, but when it does you want to be protected.

Why have Oborny Exteriors install you gutter system?

The difference in our gutters starts with up to a .032 inch gutter offered in different sizes, shapes and designs. To add durability we use heavy-duty Brute brackets and custom made downspout straps. Oborny Exteriors uses only top of the line material designed especially for gutter installation. From your heavy duty hidden hangers, down to our own unique custom made downspout straps, you haven't seen gutters like this, unless we installed them!


What kind of gutter system is right for me?


Our aluminum gutters are offered in a variety of sizes and materials. 5" and 6" seamless K-style is the modern day standard. Seamless aluminum is corrosion resistant, offers streamlined looks and reduces the possibility of leaks.



Steel gutters, although not as corrosion resistant as aluminum, offers impressive strength for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.



Copper gutters add not only decorative good looks, but are also a symbol of quality and durability. Copper gutters have been known to last over 400 years in European countries. Copper gutters will outlast the building they are installed on. We offer copper gutters in 5", 6", 7" and 8" K style, rolled box bead, quarter round and half round with matching copper or brass hangers. Copper is the ultimate in gutter material.



Oborny Exteriors uses primarily 3x4" & 4x5" rectangular downspouts. Standard builder grade 2x3" downspouts do not offer adequate flow in heavy rains and are prone to clogging. We also use a "cup outlet" insert between the downspout and gutter .

The standard method of downspout installation is cutting a 2" by 3" "X" in the bottom of the gutter and folding the flaps out; allowing debris to clog and also creating a hazard to hands when cleaning. Oborny Exteriors uses a minimum of a 3" x 4" downspout opening, with a cup outlet. This provides maximum flow and a stronger connection point from downspout to gutter.


Ahother nice feature we can add on to your gutter system are downspout hinges. These allow the downspout extension to be flipped up and out of the way when mowing, when kids are playing, or when doing work around the house. Hinges are a nice and easy affordable add on feature to new or existing downspouts.


Gutter Protection

Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is vital for maximum effectiveness and also longevity of your gutter systems and warranty. Click here for more information on gutter protection.


Go Green!

Rain Barrels offer a unique way to go green by harnessing our earths most valuable resource while providing fresh natural water for your landscape or garden. Ask us about a rain barrel system that is right for you!


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